Clean and seal tile and grout to remove stuck-on dirt and protect them for the long run when you work with Steamworks Cleaning & Restoration for tile and grout cleaning. Tile resists dirt and stains, but grout is porous and absorbs dirt and spills, so it stains easily. In an entry, dirt and grime stains the grout. In a kitchen, spills are to blame for dirty grout. Soap, mold, and mildew make for dirty grout in a bathroom.

Professional tile cleaning is important not only because it protects and preserves your investment in the premium building materials in your home, but also because it helps maintain a healthy home and gives your home a clean look.

Having your flooring cleaned through professional carpet cleaning also helps protect your home and family from exposure to unhealthy elements like allergens, germs, and pollutants. A build-up of bacteria and dust on flooring surfaces can contribute to all kinds of chronic illnesses, including allergies and asthma. Call Steamworks to get your floors, tile, and grout looking new again!

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