As a homeowner, you are probably pretty busy. Between family, pets, work, and having a social life, things can get pretty chaotic pretty quickly. At Steamworks Cleaning & Restoration in Ventura, we understand that carpet cleaning services are probably the furthest thing from your mind! But, it’s still important to know the signs and have professional carpet cleaning services performed on a routine basis. Keep reading to learn more about the signs it’s time for carpet cleaning services and reach out to our team at Steamworks Cleaning & Restoration in Ventura to get started.


One of the biggest indicators that you’re overdue for a professional carpet cleaning is having odors floating throughout your home. Granted, odors can be caused by a number of things. But in many cases, odors can be attributed to your carpet — especially if it’s been a while since its last cleaning and you have pets or children. Luckily, carpet cleaning services quickly and completely remove any odors from your carpet. Whether they are from pets, children’s messes, or any other source, professional carpet cleaning services will take care of the odor lickety-split.

Steamworks Cleaning & Restoration in Ventura has a 100% money-back guarantee. If we did not meet or exceed your expectations (such as removing odors from your carpet), then we will make it right.


Allergies naturally act up for people in certain parts of the year. However, if your allergies are worse than usual for the time of year it is, it could be a sign that it’s time for carpet cleaning services. Carpet cleaning services deeply and completely clean your carpets, sanitizing all their surfaces and removing embedded allergens. Many homeowners find that after they’ve had professional carpet cleaning services performed in their home, their allergies are drastically lessened!


Hey, no judgment here. Life happens. Kids spill, adults spill, and dogs have accidents. It’s not uncommon to look down at your carpet one day and see numerous stains littered throughout. Don’t worry, though, no need to have new carpet installed! Professional carpet cleaning services like those at Steamworks Cleaning and Restoration can remove stains and make your carpet look as good as the day it was installed — or better! If your carpet has a stain or two, it’s a good sign that it’s time to call carpet cleaning services.

It’s Been More Than a Year

It’s recommended that homeowners have their carpets professionally cleaned every 12–18 months or so. This helps to vastly improve the lifespan of your carpet. Not to mention, keep it clean and sanitized. If it’s been over a year since your last professional carpet cleaning, that’s a clear sign that it’s time to make the call.


Perhaps the biggest sign that it’s time to call professional carpet cleaning services is discolored carpet. It can be difficult to notice if your carpet is getting discolored because it happens oh-so gradually. One good way to check is to move furniture or items in your home that rarely move. Move these items and look at the carpet underneath and compare it to the exposed carpet. Are they the same color? Or is there a startling difference between the two shades? If your carpet is darkened or discolored, be sure to reach out to carpet cleaning services.

Trust Steamworks Cleaning & Restoration in Ventura for Your Carpet Cleaning Services

Does the carpeting in your home show one or more of these signs? If so, no worries, Steamworks Cleaning & Restoration in Ventura is here to help! Our professional carpet cleaning services will have your carpet looking like new in no time. Not to mention that we have regular carpet-cleaning specials to help you get quality work for less. Next time your home is in need of carpet cleaning services, be sure to contact us at Steamworks Cleaning & Restoration in Ventura!