Does the carpeting in your home need a little love? Old, worn down carpet doesn’t only create an unappealing look, but it also contains things like allergens, bacteria, germs, and more. You may be thinking it’s time to call a carpet installer, rip it all out, and start fresh — and you may be right. But, in most cases, carpet cleaning services will provide you with more benefits and value than a full carpet replacement. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of carpet cleaning services over purchasing new carpet for your home and contact us at Steamworks Cleaning & Restoration in Ventura to schedule your carpet cleaning services.


The most considerable benefit of carpet cleaning services over purchasing new carpet for your home is affordability. While the price for each option can vary, in most cases, you’ll find that carpet cleaning services are much more affordable. This is especially true when you are looking at buying premium carpet padding, high-end carpeting, and having someone install it for you. If you’re looking for quality, affordable carpet cleaning services in Ventura County, check out Steamworks Cleaning & Restoration today.

Equally Attractive

Fresh, new carpet can give your home an entirely new feel. But did you know that quality carpet cleaning services can provide you with that same feeling? With the right carpet cleaning services, your home’s carpets will look just as great as the day they were installed — if not better! But, not only will your carpeting look as great as it did new, it will be just as sanitary.

Allergens, Dander, and Stains

Our safe, non-toxic carpet cleaning services at Steamworks remove moisture, bacteria, allergens, stains, odors, and more. This leaves you with fresh, sanitary, and beautiful carpet that will last you for years to come. Not to mention that your allergens and any pesky, lingering odors in your home will be dramatically lessened if not completely removed altogether!


While new carpeting can help you change the design and look of the interior of your home, it can create some notable obstacles during the installation. With carpet replacement, your home can get a bit crazy while carpets are being torn up, nail guns are banging away, and other commotion is happening. But with carpet cleaning services, we are in, out, and out of your way in no time!

Environmentally Conscious

At Steamworks Cleaning & Restoration in Ventura, our carpet cleaning services do our best to be as green as possible. We utilize cleaning methods and supplies that offer powerful results without polluting the air in your home or the environment. Our carpet cleaning solutions and techniques are only a part of the environmental benefit of carpet cleaning over replacement. When you choose cleaning instead of replacing, you are preventing your old carpet from sitting in a landfill!

Steamworks Cleaning & Restoration in Ventura

Thanks for taking the time to check out today’s blog at Steamworks Cleaning & Restoration in Ventura. We hope that you’ve learned a little about the benefits that carpet cleaning services can bring over a full carpet replacement. If you’d like to learn more, check out our Residential Carpet Cleaning Services page or contact us today to get started.