Whether you own your home, are renting, or you’re crashing at someone else’s place, you’re bound to encounter a stain or two during your time there. Accidents are a natural part of life — wine spills, pet accidents, spilled coffee — life happens. But when life happens and you are left with a formidable stain in its wake, what next? Keep reading to learn Steamworks Cleaning & Restoration in Ventura’s top carpet-cleaning tips. And, next time you are in need of carpet cleaning services, be sure to keep us in mind!

Carpet Cleaner

This one may be the most obvious, but we’d be remiss if we didn’t include it. There are a number of stain cleaning and removal products that you can purchase at your local grocery, home goods, or home improvement store. These carpet cleaning products vary in strength and the purpose they were made for, but in general, these will perform very well for a majority of your household stains. In most cases, you’ll apply the cleaner using their sprayer then simply blot and repeat until your stain is gone — no need for further carpet cleaning services!

Home-Made Blends

If you’re not interested in shelling out some of your hard-earned money to a store for pre-mixed cleaner, or if the store-bought stain removers weren’t as effective as you’d hoped, then you can try a homemade stain remover. In some instances, hot water and dish soap are enough to get the job done. There are specific combinations that are recommended for specific stains. While we won’t go through all the different combinations and their recommended solutions, homemade stain cleaners often incorporate some blend of the following components:

  • Water
  • Dish Soap
  • Baking Soda
  • Club Soda
  • Vinegar/White Vinegar
  • Bleach
  • Rubbing Alcohol

Are you uninterested in DIY solutions and would rather have help cleaning your stain/stains? Contact Steamworks Cleaning & Restoration in Ventura for quality, affordable carpet cleaning services.

Carpet Shampooer

When the stains in your carpet are just too stubborn or there are multiple stains across a large area, a carpet shampooer may be an excellent option for you. There’s no need to go out and purchase one (unless you think it’s something you’ll use often), you can rent them from a variety of places for a limited period of time. Carpet shampooers use a combination of water, powerful cleaning solution, automatic scrubbers, and powerful suction to provide large sections of carpet with a potent clean. You’ll be amazed at how much different the carpet looks and the color of the collected water in the carpet cleaning machine!

Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

When you’re not interested in tackling the stain yourself, or all else has failed, it’s time to call in professional carpet cleaning services. Professional carpet cleaning teams have the training, experience, and tools to remove virtually any stain from any surface. We have a wide variety of techniques in our arsenal and know exactly what method of carpet cleaning can help in your specific situation. Not to mention in many cases, professional carpet cleaning services back their work with some form of guarantee. This means that there is no risk and you can be confident that the stain will be gone and your carpet left clean.

Choose Steamworks Cleaning & Restoration in Ventura

Thanks for checking out today’s blog at Steamworks Cleaning & Restoration in Ventura. We hope that you found the information helpful and maybe even applied your newfound knowledge to a stain in your own home! When you need quality, trustworthy carpet cleaning services in Ventura County, turn to our team to get the job done. Contact us today to learn more!