Realtors, property managers, retail, and office locations: when it comes to commercial carpet cleaning services, we have you covered!

A client seeing dirty surfaces can greatly affect their perception of the general cleanliness and impression of your business. Allow Steamworks Cleaning and Restoration to restore your flooring to its cleanest and freshest state with our professional carpet cleaning. Remove deep, embedded soil from traffic lanes and eliminate odors and stains with the help of our commercial cleaning. We can handle regular maintenance cleaning through our janitorial services to fully restoring carpet and hard floors for fractions of the replacement price. Before you replace carpet you’ve given up on, give us a call!

Steamworks Carpet Cleaning Method

We use the hot water extraction method (steam cleaning) as it is the cleaning method nearly all carpet manufacturers recommend. In fact, using other methods for carpet cleaning may void your warranty.

Our pressurized steam system not only improves the appearance and extends the life of carpets and rugs in your workplace, but it also sanitizes to remove bacteria and allergens that build up over time and make the workplace unhealthy for you and employees. Our carpet cleaning services also improve your air quality by removing the pollens, pollutants, and dust from the carpet. We do not use harmful or toxic chemicals, which means you as a customer can rest easy with kids or pets on your freshly cleaned carpets. And because our carpet cleaning technique is low moisture, clean carpets are dry and usable in a very short time!

Our low moisture hot water extraction process will restore your carpets, dry them quickly, and have your business up and running in a short time. We also offer an encapsulation cleaning process. Contact us today to get started with our commercial carpet cleaning services!