Steamworks Cleaning and Restoration has more than 17 years of experience with carpet cleaning services. As a result, our certified professionals and advanced cleaning methods provide the finest carpet cleaning services and water damage restoration in Camarillo. Our cleaning tactics use environmentally friendly products that are 100% chemical free. We clean carpets thoroughly to remove all sorts of dirt, bacteria, and bad odor. Our carpet cleaning experts make sure the fabric of carpet remains strong to improve its life.

Once the carpets are cleaned, they are dried well so that you and your family can enjoy better use of them shortly after cleaning. If you dislike our services, we’ll reclean the same area for free. If that doesn’t satisfy you, then we return your money for that area of concern. Our aim is to enhance customer relationships and to provide you with the best carpet cleaning services — because you deserve it.

Our Procedure:

We handle all types of floor needs, from upholstery cleaning to pet odor elimination to hard surface cleaning to protection of all your fabrics to remove and prevent stubborn stains and more.

Carpet Cleaning: We understand how important carpets are. From residential to commercial areas, carpets are essential. Since they get used so often, their cleanliness also becomes important. With our steam carpet cleaning techniques, we not only fight germs and bacteria, but we also dry the carpet within a quick timespan so that you can enjoy your clean and fresh carpets as soon as possible.

Upholstery Cleaning: A lot of furniture either loses it shine or become dirty over time. Many sofas experience wear and tear because of everyday use and casual stains. Here at Steamworks Cleaning and Restoration, our professional carpet cleaning team knows it all. We clean every inch of your furniture and enhance its life and looks through our carpet cleaning services. With experience and trained technicians, we give your furniture a whole new look.

Tile and Grout Cleaning: Are you tired of your same old tiles that are greasy and look bad? Don’t worry — we offer tile cleaning and grout cleaning! With our cleaning services, you will get your tiles and grout to look just like brand new. Not to mention, we also deal with odor removal. Whether odors or stains are present from a pet or simply from dirty carpet and furniture, our skilled team cleans deeply and provides a fresh and new environment time after time. Contact us today for carpet cleaning services in Camarillo.